Travel Services / Away From Home

Many of the Bollinger student plans come with travel assistance services. These are the common services available, at no additional cost to the students or the college. These are services, not insurance. But in the event a student who is away from home and needs help, the expertise of On Call International would be available to the covered student (or family member, depending on the circumstances). If the college student plan has, medical evacuation or repatriation benefits, use of those benefits would be reimbursed, like other benefits in the plan and subject to the plan exclusions and limitations.
  • Nurse Advise Line
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Bedside Visit
    Emergency Return Home
  • Identity Theft Recovery Assistance
If you are a representative of a college/university seeking more information or wish to request a proposal, please speak to your Bollinger Representative, or call us at (800) 350-8005 (ask to speak your Collegiate Medical Program Rep), or complete our form to request a quote.