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Discounted Vision, Prescription, or Dental

Bollinger Plans offer access to savings, through discounts, in certain Health Care areas not normally reimbursable by Insurance. In the Collegiate Plan we are offering these savings on the Vision, Prescription Drug, and Dental Programs. They are three areas where you are likely to incur unexpected expenses during the school year. Now you can get substantial savings to help you offset these expenses. And you can use the Collegiate Plan Benefits where you go to school, near home, or anywhere in the United States.

This is not an Insurance Plan. It is a Health Care Discount Plan where, as a member of the discount plan, you can go to any of the Professional Providers within each of the Provider Networks (Vision Prescription, and Dental) who have agreed to provide their products and services on a specially negotiated discount basis. An online search tool is available to find a provider or you can call Plan Plus during business hours. You simply go to one of our providers, show your ID Card and the rest is easy. You get your savings on the spot and there are no claim forms to complete or waiting time for a reimbursement.

This is a voluntary product offering, available to all students at the college when the collegiate plan is with Bollinger. If the college wants to include any/all of these discount plans in the student plan, it can be included in the proposal from your Bollinger Producer; just ask your Bollinger representative for this optional quote.

If you are a representative of a college/university seeking more information or wish to request a proposal, please speak to your Bollinger Representative, or call us at (800) 350-8005 (ask to speak your Collegiate Medical Program Rep), or complete our form to request a quote.