Intercollegiate Athletic Injury

Competitive quotes available for our Intercollegiate Sports basic injury insurance program, available in 44 states, and the District of Columbia. Bollinger pioneered student and athletic accident insurance in New Jersey in 1946. For over 40 years, Bollinger has also provided student health insurance plans to college students and athletes. Over 180 colleges and universities across the nation now utilize Bollinger's medical insurance plans. These programs are sold extensively through local insurance brokers or directly to the college/university and have been underwritten by the same family of insurance companies for over 40 years.

Our program offers a wide choice of plans and plan options. Some of the highlights of our program are as follows:

* Our most common base plans have a maximum benefit per injury of $90,000 which coincides with the NCAA model. However, many non-NCAA colleges will have maximum benefit limits that differ from the NCAA model, and we can offer plans with maximum benefits as low as $1,000 or as high as $250,000. We also have aggregate deductible options you may wish to consider. Thus, Bollinger has the flexibility to quote a plan for you that has the maximum you need. The plans are almost always full excess to other valid and collectible insurance covering the athlete, which reduces the cost to the college/university while affording sufficient coverage to all athletes on a blanket basis.

NOTE: When the NCAA raises the deductible on the catastrophic insurance to $90,000, Bollinger is capable of raising the basic plan maximum to fill that gap. Also note, in the event an injury exceeds the basic plan maximum, we provide a package of the details about what was submitted, paid, not paid by the basic plan.

* Benefit Structure can be tailored to each college/university's needs. Many plans are 100% of U&C, but we can tailor benefits to achieve appropriate cost/benefit to fit your budget. Complete intercollegiate athletic accident coverage for your athletes may be provided by a blanket plan purchased by the college/university or coverage may be coordinated with your school's Student Health Plan (Student Health Plans for your college/university are also available from Bollinger). There are many ways to provide coverage for your athletes. We would be happy to discuss the many options available to you and determine which structure would be right for your athletic program.

* PPO network(s) available on a passive/non-mandatory basis, to help achieve as much savings on medical expenses to the insurance program as possible. A local provider report for your region can be provided with a your quotation from Bollinger today.

* You will have a toll free 800 number for use by your trainer, athletes, medical care providers, and parents. A web site can also be created to answer questions and facilitate plan communication.

* Claims may be submitted online or by mail. It is important for your trainer to verify that the injury occurred during play/practice/travel related to your athletic program. You will have a dedicated Claims Examiner to facilitate claims processing and continuity, along with a dedicated sales representative.

* Check the status of a claim online any time, as well as print copies of EOB's (Explanation of Benefits).

* If you prefer to work through your current local broker or consultant, we would be happy to do so. Just have your local insurance professional contact us with information about your current plan and alternatives you wish to consider. Or, if you wish, we will contact your representative directly to get you a competitive quote.

If you are a representative of a college/university, please call us at (800) 350-8005, x4607 or complete our contact form. You may also press zero and ask to speak to one of our College Student Health Representatives.

Thank you for considering us. Count on Bollinger for more!